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What Makes MKA Different?

1. Preliminary Investigations

This is one, if not the, most important part of how we work our files. Now obviously we don’t want to give too much away but essentially here is how it works. When you place an account for collections the first thing that happens is a Preliminary Investigation is started. This typically only takes about an hour to complete. This is our way of gathering information on the debtor’s current financial status. We will approach an account differently if we know that they have assets and 100,000 in their bank account as opposed to a debtor who may be on the verge of bankruptcy. This information is essential. It allows us to approach a debtor from a position of strength as they cannot tell us that they are unable to pay their bill if we know their financial status. Our Preliminary Investigation approach is one of the things that absolutely set us apart from other agencies.

2. Why don't all Agencies do Preliminary Investigations?

The answer is simple, cost. Most companies are not willing to devote the time or money to learning a debtor’s financial status prior to making the first call. They would rather just contact them and attempt to scare them into paying the debt. We prefer to take a more business-like approach to the matter and demonstrate exactly why they will be paying their bill.

3. Credit Bureau Reporting?

With your consent and when appropriate each account placed for collection is reported to Experian, Equifax and Transunion. This service is free of charge to you. In order to do this we will need at least the debtors Social Security number and the date the account went delinquent. This is a helpful tool for debtors that cannot be located, refuse to pay their bill or cannot pay their bill immediately. All debtors are given 30 days to pay the account in full or dispute the file. If the account is not paid and/or the dispute (if it’s disputed) is deemed invalid it is reported. Only 23% of collection agencies do not report to the credit bureaus.

4. Collection Work Flow

What you may have learned from using a collection agency is that many of them will work an account for a month or two and then close it. That is something that is established by owners and managers to maximize profit and decrease their work load. This is known in the industry as Creaming Accounts. Essentially they collect the easy ones, and close the difficult ones. Makenna Kali & Associates does not have a preset time limit for any accounts.  No time limit is predetermined on the account. We will work the account as long as possible or until the file is dead. In many cases we are able to recover the debt in 30, 60 or 90 days. However, there are other times when it takes months

5. International Collections

What most agencies fail to tell you is that the most difficult part about International Collections is not the language barrier but the time difference. The large majority of companies across the globe speak English as a second language, especially those that do business with American companies. The hard part is that companies in places like Spain, Tokyo, Berlin etc are closing when we are opening and vice versa. To combat that issue we have established a collector that will work a different shift to allow us to reach debtors across the globe. This is just one more way that we are able to alter our approach enough to increase recovery.

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